Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Project: Too many projects at once

I apologize for the lack of posts with substance this week. I mentioned before that I'm in the middle of grading what seems like thousands of final papers and projects. But I've also got some really cool stuff in the works:

1. I'm writing a tutorial on my applique process for Come and See the Seitz.

2. For the Father's Day issue of Modern Handmade Child, I've been writing an article on tattoos.

3. I'm trying to finish up my shirt for Top Week. The collar is a mess but I am just going to make it work right now so I can take some photos in the morning before work.

4. My local Board of Education has decided to close down the school I can see from my house. I am organizing a protest with my neighbors. It's exhausting to have a cause.

5. Oh yeah, the Robot Party.

I do plan on writing a post about the trees and bushes in our yard but I really want to dedicate a good amount of time to it. This is all going to be done by Friday (except for the Robot Party) so thanks for hanging in there.