Thursday, January 21, 2010

Project: Ironing Board

photo of the shelves taken when I was pregnant. we were getting everything moved into the office

I've just spent the last hour sewing the sashing from my Mod Sampler Quilt to the first two rows. Wow. I'm beat from the ironing and the pinning! I have a tabletop ironing board on the floor next to my desk. It lives there because I use it all the time and I'm too lazy to put it where it belongs.

There is no other place to lay out my strips so after ironing my pieces, I carry them from the office I share with Mr. Lemon and the play kitchen to the living room and pin them together. Then I carry all that back to the sewing desk to put it all together. Back and forth and up and down and ouch my back hurts.

What do you guys use for an ironing board? I asked for one for Christmas but Mr. Lemon said he wasn't about to get me anything because he knew I would just not find it perfect enough and he'd have to return it. He's right. I'm picky.

We have room to store the ironing board between that shelf and the wall. I want something light that folds up easily. My last ironing board was a beast from Ikea. I hated it and it did not survive the move to this house. I would appreciate any recommendations.

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