Friday, January 16, 2009

Look at this!

When Zadie started eating all this baby food, we began amassing millions of glass baby food jars. Even though we make our own baby food, after a few outings we just got fed up with bringing along several Pyrex containers of different vegetables and decided that sometimes, it's okay to go with what's already been prepared. It wasn't long before our kitchen was full of little jars and lids.

We recycle just about everything but it seems like a waste to recycle these when they could be reused so much better.

Along came this Junior Society blog post. Now I'm going to put all my little jars in a box somewhere in the basement and spend the next year collecting little bits to make some fabulous snowglobes. I even have the glass etching stuff hanging around from a previous project.

I'm so excited about this. I made these as a kid but had completely forgotten. It's so much fun to be a mom. I'm filled with excitement for all of these cool projects I'll get to make for my little one and even more for what we'll get to do together when she gets a little more coordinated.

Read the whole post here. And spend some time checking out the whole blog when you have the time. It's very well designed and is organized into easy categories. I have to add that I get this blog sent straight to my email so it doesn't get lost with all the rest of the blogs in my Google reader. It's one of my favorites.