Monday, June 07, 2010

Project: Time for some room redecorating

This is our room. I'm thinking it's time for a change. We got the chest of drawers at the Salvation Army and painted the front of the drawers and the top my favorite color and changed the knobs. That's just a cheap mirror I got at Big Lots. I painted the frame of it silver.

My friend Sara gave us this bed and I love it. The problem is that it's a Full and we desperately need a Queen. Actually we desperately need a new mattress. Mr. Lemon slept on a futon in Jersey for a week and was on his feet all day every day while he was gone and his back didn't hurt at all (it usually does). Bookend that week with two very long rides in the car and now that he's back home, it's time to head to the chiropractor again. I think it's the mattress.

This gorgeous piece of work is a hutch by Broyhill from their Brasilia line. I will not tell you what I paid for it as you will freak out. It's worth way more, I've recently learned. The top of the buffet was scuffed so I covered it with silver contact paper stuff from Target. We changed out the knobs but had the foresight to keep the old ones because they were cool (just didn't match the brushed nickel look we prefer). I also painted the shelves the same color as the dresser drawers.

So I really don't want to buy a new bed and I don't think we even have room for a Queen. The room is about 10' X 12' with a small closet. I have some fabric that I was going to cut to hang inside the hutch to hide my clothes. But since I have been downsizing my wardrobe, I was able to make room for some books that I plan to read and I think that looks nice. I like the orange and the light teal/aqua and I love the two colors together. I also love our floors and the wall color. I just need to get rid of those curtains. Yuck.

Give me some suggestions. And no, we won't be selling our hutch. One thing that I have on the bed now that it's so much hotter out is a gorgeous Otomoi embroidered tablecloth that my mom bought for me in Mexico right after Aaron and I got married. I'll have to take a picture. It's an off-white linen with orange animals.