Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My My!!

On our way home from the Brooklyn Indie Market, my trusty assistant and I stopped by the fabulous shop, My My, run by the charming Taryn. It was super easy to find (once we realized that New Jersey had two Interstates 95 (why? why NJ? why? the reason roads have unique numbers is so that people can get to places easily and without confusion).

I have some items there and since I had just spent weeks preparing for the craft show, I had lots of new loot for her to choose from. So up there is a picture of my onesies hanging out with all their new friends. Just above is my stuffed beans with their new friends including that adorable little creature from Cornflake Girl. From what I understand, My My has hired a new employee to be Plush Department Manager so things will really start looking nice.

Taryn is super sweet a runs a nice shop. The colors are perfect and she has a great selection of indie goods including zines. There is a picture of Lemon Cadet with personal assistant here on flickr.

In recent My My news, Taryn's sister Jennifer and her daughter Annabelle caught some crazy virus and both were sick for days. Jennifer was even in the hospital. Now they have tons of bills. If you'd like to help out, read this blog post. They are working on an Etsy shop to raise some money.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

a feature

Chris Jordan who blogs for Babble's amazing Droolicious blog featured my custom Here kitty, kitty onesie. Babble is an online magazine for "the new urban parent." They have several blogs in addition to a ton of helpful information for cool parents. My kitty was featured on the handmade section of their daily blog. I have never seen this site before and I'm floored to be featured. It's very well done.

The picture they chose is one of the constant reminders that I really need to start taking better photographs. MFA, where are you when I need you?

And I'm well aware that I have yet to write a post on our super awesome trip to My My. Patience little grasshopper.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The beans are famous!

After struggling for months on what to make for promo items, I developed the bean stickers (that you all know and love so well). They are little bean guys made out of felt, run through the xyron sticker maker, cut out, and then finally stuck to a postcard with a nice big glob of purple gluestick.

I love the little beans and have grown fond of making them. My friend Sandi has become a good felt bean cutter while my mother in law has gotten quite proficient in helping glue them onto the cards (she makes cards that she sells in her Etsy shop so she came well-trained).

Thanks to Tina Seamonster for giving them a little nod in her piece for the Washington City Paper Crafty Blog. That one there on her cell phone is looking a bit nappy. Time for an upgrade!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Market Report

This weekend Lemon Cadet hit the road for a trip to the Brooklyn Indie Market. There were some amazing sellers there, including fofolle who made the super cute microminis and Melissa Bell with these dresses that looked phenomenal on every single person who tried one on (both in photo). I also got to hang out next to My Funky Twisted Soul and Bohemian Soul, a mother-daughter crafting extravaganza. Kat Kaplan gave me some great advice as she's got some actual business experience and I got to meet some ladies of the New York City Craft Mafia, among a handful of other creative sellers. It was a really fun day. The crowd was pleasant and really receptive to all the good goods.

August seems to be a slow month for Brooklyn but the market got a lot of foot traffic because of its location. Despite the slow sales, I truly had a wonderful day. I learned a lot, as I do with every new show. At one point, a guy came up and pulled a Hank onesie (Hank is one of my bun bun designs, a green fleece bunny face with long ears) off the rack and began shaking it up and down like he was hopping, I guess. He was shouting, "I'm a hipster baby! I'm a hipster baby!" I thought that was pretty funny.

Check out the pictures on the Brooklyn Indie Market's flickr page. Kathy of fofolle took some great shots of the booth. That link will take you to the first shot of my booth.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

iSew blog feature

A couple of weeks ago, I got a special order from a fellow Etsy seller, iSew. She makes these super cute monkey gadget cozies (you know me and monkeys!) and amazingly well-crafted bags, quilts, bibs, among other great stuff. When I get an order from an Etsy seller, I'm always really nervous. Other crafters inspect your work a little more closely because they know technique!

So I sent off the little onesie and waited anxiously for the feedback. When it was positive and included a lot of detail, I breathed a sigh of relief. Yay! She even uploaded a picture of Ryan the Yeti to her flickr page (check out her cat with the furry toes -- just like Sasha!).

Yesterday I got a google alert revealing her blog post featuring my shop. She even included a little mini of some of the items from my Etsy shop. So you should head over there and check it out. Her blog was recently featured over at Craft because of her tutorial on fabric labels. It's definitely worth adding to your Google reader.

In other blog feature news, one of my sistahs over at the Pittsburgh Craft Mafia featured a few of us on Subu, Inc., her wordpress blog.

I really appreciate all this support. And yes, I know I haven't posted on the Brooklyn Indie Market yet. All in good time...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Heading to Brooklyn

The Lemon Cadet bus is once again hitting the road. Find us Saturday, August 11 at the Brooklyn Indie Market in the Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill neighborhood next to the Eckerd Drug at Carroll Park on the corner of Smith and Union Streets. Find a map and directions here. I got the above photo from the Brooklyn Indie Market's photostream on flickr. They have a nice catalog of photos from previous weekends. I chose that photo because I love the banner and the cute kid. It's hard to see but all the action is happening inside the tent. There are also cool looking kiosks on the other side.

As with every market or craft show, there's something new. Finally, the Yeti Brooches are finished and all packaged up!!! There are three different colors: orange, turquoise, and pink. Also there will be a smaller bean doll available in two differnt patterns: a gorgeous vintage inspired quilt fabric and that hip retro floral print you've seen in the beans.

The market's hours are from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Please stop by.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Moo stickers have arrived!

My fabulous Moo stickers were in the mailbox yesterday when I got home from work. They came packaged in a sleek white envelope.

The are so amazing. I'm surprised at the great print quality. I thought they'd be more like those sticker sheets you get out of the photo machines but they're really beautiful.

After snapping some pics of Groucho lounging and striking poses with the stickers, I started working on my business cards. I've been working on a new design so instead of getting rid of the old cards, I gave them a Moo makeover with my stickers. Much better!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Collage city

This weekend I'm going to do the Brooklyn Indie Market. Every time I do a craft show, I'm overwhelmed with setting up. I want it to go more smoothly. So I made this collage of where I want everything to go on the table.

Yes, it seems crazy but this is how I work. A drawing just won't do and I'm a visual person. This will help me when I get there and draw a blank.

I'm also going to do a better job of packing up the bins so I'll be able to put out the display smoothly and without a hitch. I wanted to do some rearranging from the way the table was at the Lancaster Eastern Market so I printed out some of the photos, cut them out and moved them around until they worked. I also printed out some pics from earlier shows where stuff wasn't blocking another piece.

See my flickr image for notes if you want more info on what's going where.

Friday, August 03, 2007

A moo apology?

I ordered some Moo stickers about a week ago. They are these tiny glossy stickers that you can have printed from your Flickr pictures. As I'm addicted to both my Flickr account and tiny things, I couldn't see how there could possibly be a better product to buy. They also have Moo cards that you can get. If I could decide what to put on the back, I'm sure they'd be here by now.

Today I got the cutest little email from the Moo robot guy apologizing for having lost some information. I don't even remember what color I ordered! So far, the whole Moo process has been great. It was easy to order, easy to choose photos and crop, easy to pay. I can only guess that my stickers will be equally great. I'll post some pictures as soon as they arrive. The suspense is killing me. I really want to start decorating all of my packages with them.

I am in awe at how clever they are with their customer service.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

My My

I sent out a big order to Taryn of MY MY. She just opened up a brand new storefront selling all the amazing stuff from her website and a lot of newly acquired handmade goods. The shop's in Hatboro, PA. There are six pairs of panties and six baby/toddler items.

She made me that snazzy little button there on the left to add to my growing "Retail" section. Taryn also has a great online Indie Craft Fair Guide. I'm thrilled to have my stuff at a *real* store, especially one as cool as My My.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Secret is Out

So TinaSeamonster and I have been brainstorming an idea for a really cool website that will feature all the hippest handmade stuff for kids. It was her idea originally and when she asked me to sign on, I didn't hesitate.

We have some great ideas in the works and some artists have already committed to contributing coloring book pages that you'll be able to download for free.

So the site is still under construction and we're still in the planning stages but I was able to snag a treasury since I was so excited about it and then TinaSeamonster got excited about the treasury and wrote a blog post about it which inspired me to get all excited and write a blog post about her blog post about the treasury about the yetis loving the seamonsters containing the longest run-on sentence in the free world.

I'll post more info when we have the grand opening of the website. In the meantime, if you'd like to contribute, send me an email. Definitely check out her more informative post without all the run-on sentences.