Monday, June 21, 2010

Earth Day pledge recap

For Earth Day, you may remember that I pledged not to buy any new fabric until I had finished at least 5 projects. That went really well. I only had to buy some supplies to finish up the projects like bias tape, etc. Oh yeah, and a new sewing machine.

I did finish up 5 projects and it just about killed me. But now that they're done, I'm re-evaluating the other projects that are on the list and I think I'm going to just give up on some that never really got started. I have fabric and patterns and maybe they're just not going together. I think that's part of why they're unfinished projects.

I actually did buy a little bit of fabric toward the end because it was on sale at my local quilt shop and I think it's really important and earthy to support local businesses (or whatever you tell yourself when you buy fabric you don't really know what you're going to do with yet). And I needed some retail therapy to get through the fixing of the polka dot dress.

I have also NOT finished up the wipes that I am supposed to give away to the lucky winner of my Earth Week giveaway. I'm blaming that on the sewing machine debacle. But I will definitely finish them up this week. For now I'm back with the Huskystar 224 because the new machine needed some adjusting (whatever that means). Since I'm not afraid to break this one, I'm ready to stitch up those thick, plush cottons.

I'm only slightly disappointed in myself for not sticking 100% with the pledge but I 100% blame that on the poorly designed pattern that caused me such grief.