Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Robot Dance Party

The best part of Zadie's 2nd Birthday Party Robot Extravaganza was the Robot Dance Party. I grabbed a couple of boxes from work and covered them with wrapping paper from Christmas. As you can see, I cut out holes for his arms, taped on some pipe cleaners, and went to town with the hot glue.

All those stickers on the front were placed by me and Zadie. We spent almost an hour in front of the box. She would put a sticker on the right side and I'd do the exact same thing on the left. It gave us something to do, it was fun, and she really felt like she made the robot.

Add one hilarious teenage nephew and you're good to go.

The hardest part was choosing the songs. I spent a couple of hours searching but came up with a good 20 minutes. Here's the best of the playlist:

Everybody Dance Now (I had heard this story on NPR by this guy who said all children went nuts when they heard this song. I thought I'd do the same experiment. Different results and not very roboty but oh well).

Most of the Yo Gabba Gabba CD.

The only bad thing was that the power went out at exactly the same time the party was to start! Luckily it came back on just as we finished the cake.