Friday, July 13, 2012

Messenger Bag for Collecting

We have been killing Summer this year. Seriously. And soon it will get even better because we're going on vacation. The beaches there are loaded with coral and a few have lots of sea glass. As we're big collectors in this family, I searched for a cool mesh bag for our loot.

As a class A cheapskate, I refused to spend a ton of money on any of the ones I had seen online so I scoured the Dollar Store for inspiration. I spotted a lingerie bag in the washing aisle and knew I had found "the one." And then I bought two.

Z wanted a messenger style and I made myself one with a wrist strap to match. Look for us on "The Island." (We're pretending the whole place belongs to us).

It took about 15 minutes. I just stitched over the two edges 4 or 5 times to make sure the seam would be secure. Less than $2.

More posts to come. You know you've been busy when the photos from your brother's Easter Egg Hunt are still on the camera...