Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Oliver + S playsuit

I am now officially obsessed with Oliver + S patterns. This playsuit was an absolute breeze to make. I didn't have any problems cutting it out, putting it together, or stitching it up. It was so well written and easy to follow. The playsuit is part of the Tea Party Sundress pattern and seems more targeted to boys. But since we have enough dresses (for now) and I love rompers, I girled this up with some Lizzy House (pearl bracelet from the Red Letter Day collection) and Michelle Engel Bencsko (pre-Cloud 9 days). Who knew these two fabrics would look so good together? The two collections are radically different but were next to each other in my bin. The peach is a solid I had in my solids bin and is absolutely necessary to break up the two prints. I also used it to make some bias tape edging the hem of the shorts and to line the top.

After my initial problems deciding between buttons or snaps (thanks for all the help), I got over my fear of sewing buttonholes, and finally finished this up. I chose some very pretty little faux-pearl buttons with the scrolly detail.

The pattern had a snap tape option. I had never used snap tape before and I'm not even sure I knew what it was when I started searching for it. I don't have a sewing shop nearby (only quilting and upholstery) so I had to go online. What I saw came in massive quantities and in weird lengths and widths. The amount of space between each snap just didn't make sense. So I made my own (tutorial next week -- I had to test the technique out again).

I am super happy with how this little outfit turned out. My kid (for reasons unknown to us) is rather tall so I made the 2T top but cut the waist for the bottoms at the 3T mark. I'm glad I did this because it allows some room for the bulky cloth diapers for now and will hopefully still fit next year (if only for Spring). Anyway, I've not seen much cuter. I've added a couple of their patterns to my mental to do list. I just need to pick a size. The speed at which I'm working seems to be calling for 4T and up.