Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Play Eats: Target's Play Wonder play food review

We now have a couple of these Target Play Wonder sets. We have gotten them on clearance for around $7.50/set, sometimes more, sometimes less. Target is always changing their packaging so you can get these cheap at least once a year.

The construction of the foods is quite nice. We haven't really had any problems with the paint chipping off or the fabric wearing. However, the "fabric" is so synthetic it's almost gross to touch it. I'm sure they made it out of this stuff so that it will stick to the hook side of velcro without pilling like acrylic felt. But it just feels cheap.

That said, these sets are super cute. We have had a lot of fun making different pizzas with the toppings (and they have faces!). The little pizza cutter has been a huge hit as well. The pancake set came with some fakin' and two pats of butter so there's a lot of realism without being over the top. I love the little jar of maple syrup.

The verdict: Definitely pick these up if you see them on sale. You can get a lot of pieces to stock your kitchen. Don't buy them full price unless you have to. The quality just isn't there and you can get the Melissa and Doug stuff for around $15 and it will last longer.