Thursday, February 19, 2009

ocd, just a little

After seeing Heather Ross' gorgeous Mendocino fabric collection, I decided to make Zadie a quilt for when she moves into the toddler bed version of her crib.

I bought the Mixtape pattern from OhFrannson (who also has an amazing blog -- if you're into quilting, you should take a look).

And now I'm trying to choose fabrics. I'm going to use the Favorite Songs pattern because it will give me the largest blocks. Since I'm new to this, I think that's the best way to go (larger = fewer). The fabrics have some pretty big prints so the bigger the block, the more space they'll have.

Anyway, on the Freespirit site, they have swatches of 36 prints. When I was searching Etsy, I found a few more. Now I'm getting all ocd and feel like I need to see them all in one space before I'm able to make my decision. I wonder if someone can help me with this...

I often wish I lived in a city with a huge fabric store that would have everything. It is hard to buy fabric online.


Anonymous said...


i'm thinking of trying a small quilt too. perhaps too ambitious for a newbie...

Beth Lemon said...

you should look at her modern baby quilt pattern.
it looks simple.

there is also a simple quilt in the amy butler book
little stitches for little one.

the stitch in the ditch was not too bad.

but you never know until you read the directions...