Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A sneak peak . tails

Somehow I managed to finish two (TWO!!!) new designs for the Squidfire's show this weekend (Yay, Baltimore! and more on you tomorrow).

I've been wanting to add some huge tails for a while now but I was having a hard time breaking away from the beans. The heart guy is wearing a suit from one of my favorite Alexander Henry prints and the yellow guy features one of Jackie Shapiro's cool animal prints. The tails are made from vintage-inspired dotted swiss. As always, I've hand-embroidered the faces and carefully stitched the edges with my fab Huskystar. I'll post more pics after the show.


Anda Corrie said...

What! How did I not know you have a Huskystar? Do you like it? Should I buy one? I've been curious about them for like three years now.

Beth Lemon said...

I've had the Huskystar for a long time. It's probably 10 years old (I got it used).

It's a great machine but I've heard the newer models (with the floral print) are not the same quality as the Husqvarna machines.

It's a base model and I'm ready for an upgrade. Talk to me about Janome (although I really want to support my local quilt shop and buy another Husqvarna).

iSew said...

Lovin' those tails!