Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Project: Interview with Lizzy House

Lizzy Dish Fabric Collection

Welcome to the first of Project: Project interview series, "Not the Same Five Questions." There are some really exciting things in store. I'm so excited that the first interview is with the amazing and talented fabric designer Lizzy House.

Red Letter Day Collection

Your fabric collections are really different (from each other and from anything else out there). What is your inspiration?

I travel a lot. I really have a hard time sitting still for too long so I am generally on the go. When I am on the go, as much as I am in museums and shops and what not, most of the time I am spending abroad, or anywhere, is in transit. So I look at color, and I overhear conversations, and I read, and then I draw. My work is a direct reflection of my surroundings. I got the idea for Red Letter Day when I was reading Hans Christian Anderson on a plane. Castle Peeps was perusing a Fra Angelico book on a trip. But I think it's more than just reading or seeing, it's the combination of everything together. It's visiting friends. It's playing Nintendo. It's reading everything someone ever wrote. It's being in Europe. It's their candy. It's my love for the Mid-Century, textile history and the Bauhaus. So I feel like that accounts for my lines being different than most of what's out there. And my designs change because I get over things quickly. So, I just move on to the next thing instead of trying to rework a group. I feel very strongly that I am growing through these lines that I am producing, and in that there is no need to dwell, only move forward.

How to Enter the World of Textile Design

You recently wrote and released an electronic book, How to Enter the World of Textile Design. What prompted that decision? Why are you sharing your secrets?

I felt impressed to write it because it's a hard thing to get into. It can seem impossible. But the impossibility is just smoke and mirrors. SO. Why not give everyone a chance. Maybe we will have better designs, and better choices as a result. I talk about how I struggled in the Introduction of the book, and I just don't want people to have to struggle like that. It's hard enough designing. So I've just chosen to pay it forward, for all of the good and love that has been shared with me.

Beyond the Sea Prints

Your background is in printmaking. Can you explain what that means for your design process?

It effects my process in that I am always trying to figure out how I could print something by hand. I end up thinking in layers. I have a strong background in drawing so everything starts the same, whether it is fabric designs or a fine art print. It all starts in a sketch book, with the same initial thought process, "how could I print this?"

Cherri House Quilt

On your blog you write about working closely with your mom on projects. How has that been?

It's been really good! We work together for our pattern company Cherry House Quilts. I work as the Art director and every job that goes along with that, and I try and keep the brand on track. We have had a lot of success over the past few years since we've started. It's just pretty sweet to be able to build something with her and see it grow and succeed.

Sneak Peak at the Castle Peeps Collection

Castle Peeps is coming soon. So what’s next?

I have another line that will be released in the fall which I am really excited about. It's definitely a departure from what I've released thus far, but still very much my own. Beyond that, I am designing new fabric for next year already. And in worlds other than textiles, there are lots and lots of projects in the works that I am very excited about. So lots of good things to look forward to, and unfortunately I can't say much more than that. Just know, that whatever it is, it's going to cause a scene. I just love causing a scene. It's my flair for the dramatic.

Thank you, Lizzy House, for your candid answers and a little insight into your process and experiences! In addition to her fabrics, she has an Etsy shop where she sells limited edition prints.

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