Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm a Giant . finished for now

The studio apartMac is finally finished! I took some photos before we went out of town last week but I had some technical difficulties and only managed to upload a couple of quick shots to Flickr. I am happy with what's here but I'm going to take advantage of the extension to edit a little bit and refine some pieces.

I stuck closely to my inspiration and I think it all came together. Of course, my favorite bits are the little macbook and iPad from lilushop (thanks to Modern Mini Houses for the tip).

The billy balls that my assistant (3 years old!) and I made are perfect in the eBay vase.

I've seen this wood slice wall art around the internet a good bit so I had Mr. Lemon chop up some sticks and I glued them above the fireplace (another cheap eBay find). The little houses are from a vendor at Handmade Arcade and the birch logs are from Gigi N Studio.

I'm most proud of the wood shelf. It was a scrap leftover from the fireplace slices and it fit perfectly above the sink (that's a chair from the Irwin Interior Decorator set).

These are just a few of my favorite vignettes. With the extension, I'll be able to take better photos in different light and get some good views of the whole thing. The iMac is a beautiful piece of design but it's so hard to shoot the scene!


Gigi N Studio said...

I think it is very cool, I love the space age feel of the fan vent at the top of the back, it makes me think of a space station apartment. And my grey soaps look great on the kitchen counter, very cool Ms. Lemon. Cool as lemonade....

Hunky Dory said...

I think you did a great job!

Mini Dork said...

Love love LOVE what you did with the place. Such a creative idea to use the old mac shell. I'm trying to catch up on blogs, so I'm just seeing this now, but so glad you found lilushop. Aren't her "apple" products awesome? They are the perfect touch to your "apple" project.

I think the pictures look great, but I do see how it's tricky to photograph. Where does this live now? Hopefully where people can see it and oogle over it.

Great job, it looks fantastic!!!

Summer said...

What a fantastic house! You did an amazing job! Thanks for stopping by my site. Yes we have been busy but I never got to finish my doll house. Now I have someone to finish it for so I will get working on it again soon. Love what you've done!

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